The Bright Partner Awards

There is purpose in partnership. A bright partnership brings people together, driven by a mission to do what is right and make lives better. What inspires you is what motivates us too – serving others, working hard, getting it done, exceeding expectations, strengthening relationships, bettering our communities, and doing what is right every day. An attentive partner really knows you, listens to you, respects you, and trusts you. A smart partner thinks ahead and looks out for you. They stand by your side to help you succeed. Trustworthy partners are along for the ups and downs, in it together. We are that bright partner – for you, your family, your business, and your community. 


A Bright Partnership

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This is BankORION's Bright Partner Award form. All fields are required. The Culture Committee will process and review the submission. If a submission is accepted and is believed to be above and beyond the daily scope of the nominee's role, the nominee will be alerted through a bank wide email, a card with their 10 Bright Partner Award Points as well as during the monthly Stakeholders Meeting.