Remote Deposit

BankORION introduces a product that allows you to electronically deposit your customers’ checks from your desktop, virtually eliminating the need for trips to the bank. It’s called Remote Deposit and it uses simple yet secure technology to give you more time, cost savings, and better security.

For businesses of every size, Remote Deposit is the key to big savings. Sole proprietors save time away from staff and operations by reducing trips to the bank. Companies with multiple locations, including those in other cities, may make long distance deposits from each site into one BankORION account. With Remote Deposit, you are able to streamline your deposit process by eliminating handwritten deposit slips, copying checks, and time-consuming and costly trips to the bank.

  • Electronic processing of deposits
  • Identify returned items faster
  • Improve funds availability
  • Reduce fraud risk
  • Scan and transmit checks securely
  • FDIC approved

How It Works

Scan: A small scanner that fits easily on a desktop copies the front and back of your customers’ checks.

Review: On your PC, view images of your scanned checks and the total amount to be deposited.

Transmit: Send your deposits to BankORION through a secure online connection without leaving your business. Enjoy having funds available faster than ever!


To use remote deposit you’ll need: • PC and a USB 2.0 port • BankORION supplied desktop check scanner and software • Internet connection • BankORION business account.

  • Certain fees apply


Save Time: Remote Deposit allows you to scan your customers’ checks to be deposited electronically from your place of business into your business account.

Increase Funds Availability: You may deposit funds any time of day, as frequently as you’d like, to provide you with funds faster than traditional deposit processing.

Reduce Security Risks: Remote Deposit virtually eliminates security risks associated with carrying checks to and from the bank. Your business checks cross fewer hands on their way to being deposited, decreasing fraud opportunities.

Deposit From Multiple Locations: Deposit funds from multiple business locations into one account to eliminate the need for costly couriers, employee travel, and bulk deposit preparation.

24-hour, 7-day deposits: Have checks you need deposited after bank hours? No problem! Remote Deposit can be used any time of the day, seven days a week. Deposit checks whenever it’s most convenient for you. Deposits will be posted to your account with our end of day processing on Monday through Friday excluding weekends and bank holidays.