Our Mission, Vision, Values and Promise Statements

Bright partnerships are on a mission that matters.

A mission statement is a purpose. It is our focus, our passion, our "why." There is purpose in partnership. Ours is a bright partnership, driven by a mission to do what is right and make lives better. One thing we love about community banking is how it brings people together, pairing needs with resources, enabling dreams to become reality. A bright partnership leads to a bright future. We are making a difference, and it matters. What is our mission? Why do we do what we do? This is our mission statement and it drives us:

To provide a bright partnership that enhances the financial well-being of our customers, employees, shareholders and the communities we serve by offering flexibility, reliability, compassion, and commitment.

Bright partnerships have a vision.

When you are partnering with people on a shared mission, you are looking ahead and strategizing a bright future. You are imagining good things and how you will attain them. You are continually striving, knowing there is always a way to innovate and improve. Let's be visionary in what we hope to achieve together. A vision statement is an inspirational dream. It is who we want to be when we grow up. What is our vision? Where are we heading? This is our vision statement, and who we envision ourselves becoming: 

To elevate the financial well-being of customers, employees, shareholders, and our communities through a bright partnership.

A bright partner makes a promise.

When a partner makes a promise, it is meant to be a promise for life. What does our bank promise? This is our promise, and we intend to keep it: 

We promise a bright partnership. 

To promise a bright partnership is to come alongside our customers, our employees, our shareholders and our communities to say, "we are in this for good." We have set our sights on being our communities' brightest financial partner - the one who can always be counted on to help you reach your goals and dreams.

Bright partnerships share common values. 

What are our values? What are the personality traits that define us? These are our values and core beliefs - our guiding star: 

Smart: We are bright, empowered and flexible partners that get the job done.

Trustworthy: We are the longstanding and dependable partner people rely on for solutions.

Attentive: We go above and beyond with compassion, friendliness and respect for everyone.

Responsive: We anticipate needs, exceed expectations and lead with commitment.

Our Action Steps - P.A.R.T.N.E.R.

A bright partnership begins with a bright partner. A partnership is only as good as its people. We believe in nurturing you, giving you freedom and responsibility, purpose and power. A bright partnership brings talents and strengths forward and lets them shine. Our commitment to you is solid. You are quick to learn and full of energy. You take action and get the job done. You are our greatest asset. We have crafted the action steps to make it easy for us to create this bright partnership. Every day, we take these action steps to live out our mission, vision, and values. These steps help set up each day for success. This is how we provide value - by being a bright partner. 

Provide solutions

Anticipate needs

Respect everyone

Take time to listen

Notice the little stuff

Exceed expectations

Respond with compassion