We are excited to announce that our mobile banking app was upgraded! Click here to learn more. 

Mobile Banking

The new BankORION mobile application is here!

We are excited for this upgrade that introduces the following updates:

  • A modern design and interface
  • New security features and settings
  • Biometrics for Android & iPhone users (Touch ID and Face ID)
  • The same features and functions you use today, but with an updated user experience
  • BillPay (BP) will have an activity tab to view recent and pending BP transactions, cancel pending BP, and the ability to add/edit/delete payees

Please note that all users will be presented with new Terms & Conditions to review and accept the first time you open the new app. Even if you are using Touch ID or Face ID to login, the first time you login you will have to use your access ID and passcode. You will be required to set up your Touch ID or Face ID again. We apologize for any inconvenience.

iPhone users: The next time you launch the BankORION iPhone app, the new app will automatically replace the old version if you have automatic updates enabled. Otherwise, you will need to go to the Apple App Store to download the app update. Some iPhone users may have to uninstall/reinstall the existing iPhone app in order to begin using the newest app.

Android users: The first time you open the new app you will be presented with new Terms & Conditions to review and accept.

Users who attempt to access the old application will receive the following message:

Error Message about Mobile Banking

The platform for Online Banking and our Mobile App has streamlined features and a Personal Financial Management tool that will help make your banking easy.  

With mobile banking and the BankORION Mobile App for iPhone and Android, from your mobile phone anytime, anywhere you can access:

  • Account balances
  • Account summaries
  • Account transaction history
  • Bill Pay
  • Pay Someone - Person to Person Payments
  • Check bank locations and hours
  • Mobile check deposit
  • Transfers
  • View check images & statements
  • Mobile wallet - Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay available with a BankORION debit card
  • Tag your transactions
  • Expense tracker
  • Spending trend
  • Spend summary

terms & conditions

After Hours Support

If you need Digital Banking after hours support, please contact our support center at 1.800.971.2918. The after hours Digital Banking support number will be available the following hours:

  • Monday - Friday: 4:30 PM to 8:00 AM the following day.
  • Saturday - Sunday: 12:00 PM on Saturday through 8:00 AM on Monday

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