BankORION's History

Life is a partnership. Since 1890, BankORION has been a locally owned, locally managed, independent bank. Ours is a bright partnership. BankORION is the oldest bank headquartered in the Quad City metropolitan area. At its core, a partnership is just people helping people. When people partner together they have the ability to live their best lives. Through partnership, they can attain goals, dream big and pursue happiness. If like is a partnership, then we are that bright partner who is here to make it worthwhile. A trusted friend. A guiding star. A steady leader. A reliable advisor. A community bank to help you navigate life. What do you want most in a bank? Access to your money? Convenience? Great rates? Financial guidance? Borrowing power? Those only happen through a great banking partnership. The following are a few highlights of our history:

  • 1970: New building constructed in Orion
  • 1983: Installation of first ATM
  • 1984: Formation of holding company, Orion Bancorporaton, Inc.
  • 1987: Constructed ATM facility in Coal Valley
  • 1993: Acquired Peoples Bank of Cambridge
  • 1996: Established internet website
  • 1997: Constructed new drive thru ATM facility in Orion
  • 1998: Constructed new branch facility at 16th Street, Moline
  • 1999: Acquired First Bank, Cambridge
  • 2000: Introduced Online Banking
  • 2001: Changed name to BankORION
  • 2007: Acquired The State Bank of Annawan
  • 2007: Constructed new facility at 3701 - 69th Avenue, Moline
  • 2008: Constructed new facility at 5301 - 44th Avenue Drive, Moline
  • 2011: Acquired branch of The National Bank in Aledo
  • 2013: Established new branch facility at 1855 Middle Road, Bettendorf
  • 2015: Celebrated 125th Anniversary and expansion of 5301 – 44th Avenue Drive location
  • 2023: Constructed new branch facility at 112 S. West Street, Cambridge