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Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share with you our many products and services. Since 1890, we've been a locally owned, locally managed, independent bank. Ours is a bright partnership. What do you want most in a bank? Access to your money? Convenience? Great rates? Financial guidance? Borrowing power? Those only happen through a great banking partnership. At BankORION, we create bright partnerships that add value, make lives better and last a lifetime. We like doing partner-driven working together to find solutions, anticipating needs, respecting others, listening well, noticing the details, exceeding expectations, and responding with compassion. 

Partnership has its perks. Our mission is to provide a bright partnership that enhances the financial well-being of our customers, employees, shareholders and the communities we serve by offering flexibility, reliability, compassion, and commitment. This is what a bright partnership is all about.

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