eNFACT Fraud Detection

At BankORION, our goal is to protect your accounts from fraudulent activity. We monitor debit card and ATM transactions for fraudulent activity through eNFACT, a fraud detection program. Fraudulent activity may include a sudden change in location, a sudden string of costly purchases, or a pattern of new fraud trends. eNFACT learns your normal spending patterns over time and any transaction that meets the criteria set up to create a fraud case will automatically trigger a call or text from eNFACT.

If we suspect fraudulent ATM or debit card use, eNFACT will be calling you to validate your transactions.

eNFACT May Call You:

If fraud use is suspected, you will be called to validate your transactions. Your participation in responding to the call is critical to prevent future risk and avoid restrictions we may place on your card.

  • The automated call center will ask you to verify recent transaction activity on your card.
  • You’ll be asked to verify your identity and provide your 5 digit zip code, date of birth or the last four digits of your social security number.
  • You’ll be able to respond via your touchtone keypad.
  • You’ll be provided a toll-free number to call should have you additional questions.

Here's How You Can Protect Yourself:

Unless absolutely required for a legitimate business purpose, you should never offer your:

  • Address and Zip Code
  • Phone Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Number
  • Card or Account Number
  • Card Expiration Date
  • Your PIN is private – never offer your PIN to anyone.

Online, Think Before you Click:

  • Never send account information through email.
  • Never click links to websites you don't know.
  • Be alert when you are keying in your account information online.

To ensure we can continue to reach you whenever potential fraud is detected, please keep us informed of your correct phone numbers (home, work and cell) and address at all times. BankORION will never ask for account information, numbers or passwords via email. If you are asked for this information, do not reply to the email and instead contact BankORION immediately. To contact eNFACT Security about debit card issues, please call toll-free 877-253-8964 24 hours a day. During regular business hours, please call the ATM Department at BankORION at 309.526.8011.

FAQs - Fraud

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