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Our Loan Officers reputation is second to none when it comes to providing excellence in customer service.

Their main focus is to provide you the personal service you need to make an informed decision. As BankORION lenders they make it their the personal responsibility to exceed expectations with each interaction.

Try our Auto Loan calculatorAuto Loans

For purchase of a car, truck, motorcycle, boat or RV. Also used to refinance an existing vehicle loan. Competitive features with flexible terms. Automatic debit payment plans available from a BankORION account. No prepayment penalty.

Try our Mortgage calculatorHome Loans – Purchases

Whether you want to buy or build a new home, we have a mortgage that will work for you. Repayment plans are very flexible with both fixed rate and balloon mortgages. Competitive rates and flexible terms. Fixed & Balloon rates. Low and no down payment options. No prepayment penalty.


Competitive interest rates. Monthly interest-only payments. Funds can be drawn and principal re-paid at the customer’s discretion. Interest may be tax deductible (consult your tax advisor).

Home Construction Loans

Fixed Rate. Multiple advance note up to nine months to complete project. Monthly interest only payments. Low fees.

Reserve Line of Credit

Revolving line of credit with no maturity. Automatically transfers funds when an overdraft occurs. Small annual fee. A standard loan application is required.