Beginning Monday, July 6, 2020, BankORION opened all lobbies for limited hours, except the Route 6 Branch. All BankORION drive-ups are open with normal hours. Appointments may still be made to view safe deposit boxes or to meet with loan and deposit personnel. Please click here for more details.

ATM Cards

BankORION Chip Card at ATMBankORION ATM cards use the Accel® network.

Your card can be registered to checking and/or savings accounts. The front of your card is imprinted with your card number which is registered to your checking and/or savings account.

A secret 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN)* is used in conjunction with your card. Just insert your ATM card into a participating terminal and enter your PIN. The screen on the terminal will lead you through your transaction with easy-to-follow instructions.

You can use your card for multiple transactions, including withdrawals and transfers, in one visit or make multiple visits during the day if the need arises. Deposits are available only at participating ATMs with the Accel® and Plus Network logos. The screen on the ATM terminal will show each transaction. If you make a mistake, it is possible to correct it on the spot by canceling out the transaction and re-entering the correct one.

Each individual terminal controls the increments that you may request in cash, but your daily withdrawal limit is controlled by BankORION. Our current daily withdrawal limit is $300.

When you use your ATM card for a banking transaction you receive a receipt indicating the date, amount, type of transaction, and balance information. Each ATM transaction is also itemized on your monthly BankORION statement. For your convenience, combination checking/savings statements are available.

BankORION will impose a foreign ATM withdrawal fee with an excess of four foreign withdrawals per statement cycle. (Foreign refers to transactions completed at an ATM not owned or operated by BankORION.) The charge for each foreign ATM withdrawal in excess of four per statement cycle is $1.00.

If your card is lost or stolen and it is after hours, please call 800.472.3272.

Notice Regarding ATM Fees By Others:

If you use an automated teller machine that is not owned or operated by BankORION, you may be charged a fee by the operator of the machine and/or by an automated transfer network.

*10,000 code variations are possible with a four digit PIN.

ATM Brochure

If you believe your Card information has been lost, stolen or compromised in any way, call BankORION immediately at the number on the back of your Card or at (309) 526-8011 to suspend service.

For lost or stolen cards after hours, please call (800) 472-3272. For Fraud protection after hours, please call (866) 750-9107 or (877) 253-8964.