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ID Theft

In a market overflowing with solutions that focus on credit and promote self-help, ID TheftSmart's licensed investigators simply do more. Their depth differentiates them and the organizations that offer their help when needed. Our investigators have thousands of hours of experience – more than any other company in the industry – helping people to determine the extent of their exposure to risk, and to restore their identities to pre-theft status as quickly and efficiently as possible.

ID TheftSmart investigators will do the bulk of the work for a fraud victim. Not as a 'counselor' ... not alongside ... not in conjunction with ... but as an advocate on their behalf.

Their licensed investigators handle identity theft issues with a three-staged defense. They attack the issue before, during, and after someone becomes the victim of identity theft. This multifaceted approach allows all members to benefit from the experience and expert consultation provided by the investigators. They address the issue of privacy and best practices before an event, action after a data exposure, and restoration services in the unfortunate event of an identity theft occurrence.

ID Theft Option 1 - Recovery

Option Coverage Household* Cost
Shazam Identity Theft Protection Services

ID Theft Counseling

ID Theft Restoration


ID Theft Option 2 - Monitoring + ID Scan

Option Coverage Household* Cost
Integrity Scan + 1 Bureau Credit Monitoring Services in additional to the above services

ID Theft Counseling

ID Theft Restoration


$7.00 additional for spouse enrollment

Option 2 includes monitoring of the following:

  • Social Security Number (1 Only)
  • Postal Address (up to 3)
  • Email Address (up to 3)
  • Telephone Number (up to 3)
  • Credit Cards (up to 5)
  • Experian Credit Bureau

FAQs - Fraud

*Household includes the primary member enrolled plus anyone related to the primary enrollee that considers the primary enrollee's address their own.