Cash Flow Lease

Leasing has become the financing vehicle of choice for many business owners. Responding to the need for quick convenient and flexible lease arrangements, we have developed a commercial leasing program. After all a company makes money by using equipment... not owning it. In fact, many businesses lease equipment to preserve cash, take advantage of tax benefits and reduce the risk of obsolescence.

Why lease from BankORION? We already work together and because we care about your personal success, as well as the success of your business, we can probably offer you better terms.

Leasing provides greater flexibility than purchasing and can protect your business from being locked into owning equipment that may not meet future needs. Your needs will change, technology will improve, and with leasing, you have the flexibility to upgrade your equipment within the lease term. At the end of the lease, you have several options – renew your lease, purchase the equipment, or return the equipment.

Leasing may offer tax advantages as an operating expense, so it could actually cost less in after tax dollars than an outright purchase.

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