Personal Cards

ATM Cards

  • Use Cirrus® ATM locations
  • Cash withdrawals and transfers at participating ATMs
  • Deposits are available only at participating ATMs
  • Can be registered to checking and/or savings accounts
  • Daily withdrawal limit of $300
  • Foreign ATM withdrawals may be charged a fee by machine operator
  • BankORION fee for each foreign ATM withdrawal in excess of four per statement cycle is $1.00.

VISA® Debit/Check Chip Cards

  • Quick, easy, convenient purchases
  • No checks; no hassle
  • Can be registered to checking and/or savings accounts

New Chip Card Technology

What is EMV?
EMV® stands for Europay, MasterCard®, and VISA®. EMVs are widely known as chip cards. The chip has enhanced-security by storing the card information more securely and protects against fraud. EMV cards gained popularity in 2015. If retailers or merchants decided not to utilize chip card technology, they would be held liable for some counterfeit transactions.

How Does it Work?
The purchasing process will be relatively the same, with one exception. At some retailers, you will need to insert your card instead of swiping your card. It depends on the retailer whether you swipe or insert your card. Most of the new chip card readers have a slot on the front where you insert your card.

When Can You Use Your Chip Card?
BankORION customers will be able to use their chip cards starting on Monday, August 22. Until then, please utilize your old cards.

What is the Benefit?
The main benefit is the reduction of card fraud. The chip enables a better platform for storing your information more securely.

When can I set up a PIN on my new Chip Card?
Once you receive your new Chip Card in the mail, call the IVR (information voice response) number on the sticker to set up a new PIN. It's encouraged to set up your pin prior to August 22, so that the card is ready to go at midnight on August 21.

What number do I call to set up my PIN?
There will be a sticker on the front of the card. The sticker lists the IVR number to call at 1-800-567-3451. It also has a special message in bold stating the "card is not active until 8/22/2016".

Do I still need to activate my card at the ATM?
No. When you set up the PIN by answering the questions correctly on the IVR, the card is made active without an ATM transaction.

What is the new ATM deposit cutoff time?
The daily deposit cutoff time will be changed from 3:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. This change is effective on 8/22/16.


VISA® Personal Credit Cards

Find the PERFECT CARD for the way you use credit.

Apply today for your perfect card.

Our credit cards offer benefits and features to meet a variety of financial needs. Take a look at what each card has to offer and decide which one is right for you.

To apply for a credit card, please visit one of our branches.

Online account access provides the quickest and easiest way to:

  • Activate your credit card
  • Make payments
  • Transfer balances
  • Request Credit Limit Increases
  • View statements …and much more

Simply access your account by clicking on the link below.

Access Your Account

Credit Cards are issued by First Bankcard®, a division of First National Bank of Omaha.

BankORION Alerts Powered by VISA®

Alerts from BankORION powered by Visa help you reduce fraud and monitor your spending anytime, anywhere. With near real-time alerts, you can receive updates on your Visa® card activity through email. So you can act quickly to reduce fraud and monitor your account—wherever you are. And this unique service is available free for BankORION Visa cardholders. Customize transaction alerts to fit your needs when your Visa card is used:

  • For purchases over a specified dollar amount
  • For purchases online, over the phone or through the mail
  • For cash withdrawals at an ATM
  • Outside the United States

Click here to sign up for Alerts from BankORION. You will need your BankORION Visa card number and the ability to receive email.

Actual time to receive Alert dependent on wireless service and coverage within area. Alerts service may not be available in all areas. Gasoline alerts may not include purchase amount. Account activity qualifying for Alert service may vary by issuer. Additional restrictions apply.

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Gift Cards

  • Available for purchase at all BankORION locations
  • Can be loaded in amounts from $10 and up to $1,000
  • Large orders are available for commercial customers and can be personalized with a message

Travel Cards

  • Re-loadable card good for the Travel program
  • Can be loaded in amounts from $20 and up to $3,000
  • Can be used for purchases, at an ATM*, or at a Financial institution to obtain cash*
  • Accepted worldwide wherever VISA® is accepted (with some exceptions)
  • PIN or signature based transactions are available
  • 3-year expiration
  • Web and telephone support
  • At the time of purchase you may request a second card for an additional fee. Both cards will be fully functional but if one becomes lost or stolen, you can cancel it without impacting the use of your other card.
  • Additional funds may be added to Travel Cards purchased at BankORION. Contact us for details.

Card@Once Cards

We now offer instant issuance services for new, replacement, or photo debit cards. Ask one of our Customer Service Representatives for more information on Card@Once.

  • You can obtain a card at your account opening or a replacement card upon request, quickly and easily!
  • Card@Once has chip technology.
  • Save time by picking up your new card at our Orion branch – instead of waiting for it to arrive in the mail.
  • Access your account funds immediately using a permanent, personalized card.
  • There is a $15 fee associated with the Card@Once card.
  • You must present a photo ID to receive the card.
  • Card@Once cards are consumer debit cards only.
  • Connect with us at any time for details.