Personal Cards

ATM Cards

  • Use Accel ATM locations
  • Cash withdrawals and transfers at participating ATMs
  • Deposits are available only at participating ATMs
  • Can be registered to checking and/or savings accounts
  • Daily withdrawal limit of $300
  • Foreign ATM withdrawals may be charged a fee by machine operator
  • BankORION fee for each foreign ATM withdrawal in excess of four per statement cycle is $1.00.

VISA® Debit/Check Chip Cards

  • Quick, easy, convenient purchases
  • No checks; no hassle
  • Can be registered to checking and/or savings accounts

What is EMV?
EMV® stands for Europay, MasterCard®, and VISA®. EMVs are widely known as chip cards. The chip has enhanced-security by storing the card information more securely and protects against fraud. EMV cards gained popularity in 2015. If retailers or merchants decided not to utilize chip card technology, they would be held liable for some counterfeit transactions.

How Does it Work?
The purchasing process will be relatively the same, with one exception. At some retailers, you will need to insert your card instead of swiping your card. It depends on the retailer whether you swipe or insert your card. Most of the new chip card readers have a slot on the front where you insert your card.

When Can You Use Your Chip Card?
BankORION customers will be able to use their chip cards starting on Monday, August 22. Until then, please utilize your old cards.

What is the Benefit?
The main benefit is the reduction of card fraud. The chip enables a better platform for storing your information more securely.

When can I set up a PIN on my new Chip Card?
Once you receive your new Chip Card in the mail, call the IVR (information voice response) number on the sticker to set up a new PIN. It's encouraged to set up your pin prior to August 22, so that the card is ready to go at midnight on August 21.

What number do I call to set up my PIN?
There will be a sticker on the front of the card. The sticker lists the IVR number to call at 1-800-567-3451. It also has a special message in bold stating the "card is not active until 8/22/2016".

Do I still need to activate my card at the ATM?
No. When you set up the PIN by answering the questions correctly on the IVR, the card is made active without an ATM transaction.

What is the new ATM deposit cutoff time?
The daily deposit cutoff time will be changed from 3:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. This change is effective on 8/22/16.


VISA® Personal Credit Cards

Find the PERFECT CARD for the way you use credit.

Apply for your perfect card.

Our credit cards offer benefits and features to meet a variety of financial needs. Visit a branch to see what each card has to offer and decide which one is right for you.

To apply for a credit card, please visit one of our branches.

Online account access provides the quickest and easiest way to:

  • Activate your credit card
  • Make payments
  • Transfer balances
  • Request Credit Limit Increases
  • View statements …and much more

Simply access your account by clicking on the link below.

Access Your Account

Credit Cards are issued by First Bankcard®, a division of First National Bank of Omaha.

BankORION Alerts Powered by VISA®

Alerts from BankORION powered by Visa help you reduce fraud and monitor your spending anytime, anywhere. With near real-time alerts, you can receive updates on your Visa® card activity through email. So you can act quickly to reduce fraud and monitor your account—wherever you are. And this unique service is available free for BankORION Visa cardholders. Customize transaction alerts to fit your needs when your Visa card is used:

  • For purchases over a specified dollar amount
  • For purchases online, over the phone or through the mail
  • For cash withdrawals at an ATM
  • Outside the United States

Click here to sign up for Alerts from BankORION. You will need your BankORION Visa card number and the ability to receive email.

Actual time to receive Alert dependent on wireless service and coverage within area. Alerts service may not be available in all areas. Gasoline alerts may not include purchase amount. Account activity qualifying for Alert service may vary by issuer. Additional restrictions apply.

© 2009 Visa. All Rights Reserved

Gift Cards

  • Available for purchase at all BankORION locations
  • Can be loaded in amounts from $10 and up to $1,000
  • Large orders are available for commercial customers and can be personalized with a message

Travel Cards

  • Re-loadable card good for the Travel program
  • Can be loaded in amounts from $20 and up to $3,000
  • Can be used for purchases, at an ATM*, or at a Financial institution to obtain cash*
  • Accepted worldwide wherever VISA® is accepted (with some exceptions)
  • PIN or signature based transactions are available
  • 3-year expiration
  • Web and telephone support
  • At the time of purchase you may request a second card for an additional fee. Both cards will be fully functional but if one becomes lost or stolen, you can cancel it without impacting the use of your other card.
  • Additional funds may be added to Travel Cards purchased at BankORION. Contact us for details.

Card@Once Cards

We now offer instant issuance services for new, replacement, or photo debit cards. Ask one of our Customer Service Representatives for more information on Card@Once.

  • You can obtain a card at your account opening or a replacement card upon request, quickly and easily!
  • Card@Once has chip technology.
  • Save time by picking up your new card at our Orion branch – instead of waiting for it to arrive in the mail.
  • Access your account funds immediately using a permanent, personalized card.
  • There is a $15 fee associated with the Card@Once card.
  • You must present a photo ID to receive the card.
  • Card@Once cards are consumer debit cards only.
  • Connect with us at any time for details.

BankORION Offers Android PayTM, Apple Pay® and Samsung Pay!

  • Quick, easy, convenient purchases
  • No cards, no checks, no wallet, just your smart phone
  • Can be registered to your BankORION VISA® Debit Card
  • It’s secure! Your real card number is never used from your phone. For added security on some smart phones, enable the fingerprint/Touch ID security feature.
  • Use at participating merchants in store, on apps or online. Look for these icons:
android-pay apple-pay samsung-pay


Q: What is Mobile Wallet?
A: A mobile wallet is a digital way to carry your credit card or debit card information on your mobile device. Instead of using your physical plastic card to make purchases, you can pay with your smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch.

Q: Is a Mobile Wallet secure?
A: Before you use a mobile wallet service, look into what security measures the wallet provides to help protect your card information. With some mobile wallets your full card number is not visible to merchants when you make a purchase. Some mobile wallets also have a way to disable the service if your card or mobile device is lost or stolen. Tokenization creates a unique randomized set of numbers to be used at each new transaction, so your real card number is never used from your phone. For added security on some smart phones, enable the Fingerprint/Touch ID security feature.

Q: What Mobile Wallet capabilities are accessible to BankORION customers?
A: BankORION offers Android PayTM, Apple Pay®, and Samsung Pay.

Q: Where can you use a Mobile Wallet type payment?
A: Apple Merchants, Android Merchants, Samsung Pay works nearly anywhere you can swipe your Visa card, including the majority of U.S. retail locations. Currently, Samsung Pay does not work at gas station pumps, but it works at most gas station cashier card readers. Also, anywhere you see one of these signs either on the doors of the merchants or at the POS system:

android-pay apple-pay samsung-pay

Q: Can I put multiple Cards on my device?
A: Yes. At this time, Apple allows up to 8 Cards on a device. Android is unlimited. You can select a default card or choose between multiple cards. A total of 10 payment cards can be added to Samsung Pay. These include credit cards, debit cards, and private-label credit cards (store credit cards). There is no limit to the number of gift cards that can be added to Samsung Pay.

Q: Can I put my card on multiple devices?
A: Yes, you can add your Card on up to 10 Apple devices. Please note that your Card must be added to each device separately. You can place your Card on up to 5 Android devices. There are no restrictions on adding the same payment card to multiple Samsung devices. For example, if you and your spouse share a credit card, you can add the card to both devices.

Q: How do I add my card to my device?
A: For Apple Pay, Click Here for step by step directions on adding a card to and Apple device. For Android Pay, Click Here. For Samsung Pay, Click Here.

Q: My device is lost or stolen and I want to delete my Card. What should I do?
A: If you believe your device or Card information has been lost, stolen or compromised in any way, call BankORION immediately at the number on the back of your Card or at (877) 526-8011 to suspend service. For iPhone or iPad, you can go to the Find My iPhone app to temporarily suspend or permanently remove the ability to make payments from your device, even if your device is offline. If you suspend your Card(s) using Find My iPhone, you can reactivate your Card(s) simply by unlocking your device and entering your Apple ID "Passcode" when prompted. For any supported Apple device, you can always go to, choose the applicable device and delete your Card(s).

Q: Once I add my Card, how can I suspend the ability to make payments or remove Card from my device?
A: To remove your Card on iPhone 6 or later, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3, select "Remove Card" in the "Wallet & Apple Pay" section of your device "Settings" or on the back of your Card in the Wallet app. You can also visit to remove your Card or go to Find My iPhone to temporarily suspend or permanently remove the ability to pay with your Cards on your device. To remove your Card on Apple Watch, go to "Wallet" on your Apple Watch device, select your Card then hold and tap "Delete" to remove your Card. Additionally, you can remove your Card using the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Open the Apple Watch app, select "Wallet & Apple Pay", then select your Card and navigate to the bottom and tap "Remove Card." Please note that you can always visit to remove your Card on Apple Watch. For an Android device, open the Android Pay app. At the top left, touch your name, then choose the account you want to remove a card from. Tap the card you want to remove, scroll down, then tap remove card.

Q: What is a Security Code on Apple Pay?
A: For security reasons, you will be required to enter your Security Code when adding your Card to Apple Pay. The Security Code for your American Express Card (Card ID or CID) is the 4 digit, non-embossed number printed above your Card account number on the front of your physical Card.

Q: How do I get a refund for something I purchased?
A: The merchant can process the return like any other return. Some merchants may need to "see" the physical card. You would follow the same steps you used when making the purchase.

If you need to make a return for a purchase made with Apple Pay you can receive refunds to your account. The key difference is that you may be asked to provide to the cashier the last four digits of your Device Account Number instead of the last few digits of your Card number. To find the last four digits of your Device Account Number for your Card, visit the "Wallet & Apple Pay" section of your device "Settings" or on the back of your Card in the Wallet app.

Q: I’m having a problem with my device’s software or hardware. What should I do?
A: If you are having difficulty with your software or hardware, please contact Apple, Android or Samsung.

Q: Can you set push notifications when you have Mobile Wallet transactions?
A: Yes, you can update those push notifications in your settings.

Q: I’m getting notifications for my Card in Apple Pay on my device. What are these notifications and how can I turn them off/on?
A: You will receive "Card Notifications" for your Cards in Apple Pay on iPhone and iPad letting you know about purchases made with your plastic card and purchases made in Apple Pay. You can turn your notifications on or off by adjusting the "Card Notifications" settings for each Card within the "Wallet & Apple Pay" section of your device "Settings." Please keep in mind that by turning off your "Card Notifications," you will no longer receive transaction notifications or other special messages. Your transaction history will also not appear in Apple Pay. You will not receive specific "Card Notifications" for Cards added to Apple Pay for your Apple Watch. You may receive notifications on your Apple Watch if you have a Card added to Apple Pay on your paired iPhone and have push notifications enabled. If you do not want to receive these notifications on your Apple Watch, visit the notifications section under "General Settings" in the Apple Watch app on your supported device and unselect "Wallet & Apple Pay."

Q: How do you update your card information, addresses, and contact information in Apple Pay?
A: You can change the addresses, email, or phone number you use for paying within the apps at any time. Go to Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay to update your information. To update the billing address for a card, go to Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay, tap a card, and then tap the billing address.

Q: If I receive a replacement Card, do I need to update my Card information with Mobile Wallet?
A: No. Your Device Account Number is connected to your new Card number automatically. You can use your Card in Mobile Wallet to make transactions before receiving your new plastic Card.

Q: What phones are eligible?
A: Apple Pay is compatible with these devices: iPhone – SE, 6 Plus, 6, 6s Plus, 6s, 7 Plus, 7.

To use the Android Pay app, you need:

  • An AndroidTM phone with Near Field Communication (NFC)
  • Android 4.4 (KitKat) operating system (OS) or newer running on your phone
  • The Android Pay app downloaded onto your phone

If you have used Google WalletTM before, it's likely you'll be able to use Android Pay and should receive a prompt to upgrade the app.

Samsung Pay is compatible with these devices: Galaxy Note5, Galaxy S6 Active, Galaxy S6 Edge+, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7 Active, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy S8

Q: How do you pay with your Mobile Wallet at the merchant?
A: To pay with your Mobile Wallet at a point of sale terminal, open your card, then hold your phone near the point of sale terminal. If you have Touch ID enabled, you will need to hold your finger on your smart phone’s button. You may feel a vibration as the card goes through. There will be a "Done" or "Checkmark" indicating the transaction went through.

* Although mobile wallet is provided by BankORION free of charge, you may be charged access rates depending on your mobile carrier. Web access is needed to use mobile wallet. Check with your service provider for details on specific fees and charges.

Android, Android Pay, and the Android Logo are trademarks of Google Inc. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Apple Pay, Touch ID, and Apple Watch are trademarks of Apple Inc. ©2017 Samsung Electronics America, Inc. Samsung, Samsung Pay, Samsung Gear, Galaxy S, and Gear S (and other device names) are trademarks or registered trademarks of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Use only in accordance with law. Other company and product names mentioned may be trademarks of their respective owners. Samsung Pay is available on select Samsung devices.

At BankORION, our goal is to protect your accounts from fraudulent activity. We monitor debit card and ATM transactions for fraudulent activity through eNFACT, a fraud detection program. Fraudulent activity may include a sudden change in location, a sudden string of costly purchases, or a pattern of new fraud trends. eNFACT learns your normal spending patterns over time and any transaction that meets the criteria set up to create a fraud case will automatically trigger a call or text from eNFACT.

If we suspect fraudulent ATM or debit card use, eNFACT will be calling you to validate your transactions.

eNFACT May Call You:

If fraud use is suspected, you will be called to validate your transactions. Your participation in responding to the call is critical to prevent future risk and avoid restrictions we may place on your card.

  • The automated call center will ask you to verify recent transaction activity on your card.
  • You’ll be asked to verify your identity and provide your 5 digit zip code, date of birth or the last four digits of your social security number.
  • You’ll be able to respond via your touchtone keypad.
  • You’ll be provided a toll-free number to call should have you additional questions.

Here's How You Can Protect Yourself:

Unless absolutely required for a legitimate business purpose, you should never offer your:

  • Address and Zip Code
  • Phone Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Number
  • Card or Account Number
  • Card Expiration Date

Your PIN is private – never offer your PIN to anyone.

Online, Think Before you Click:

  • Never send account information through email.
  • Never click links to websites you don't know.
  • Be alert when you are keying in your account information online.

To ensure we can continue to reach you whenever potential fraud is detected, please keep us informed of your correct phone numbers (home, work and cell) and address at all times. BankORION will never ask for account information, numbers or passwords via email. If you are asked for this information, do not reply to the email and instead contact BankORION immediately. To contact eNFACT Security about debit card issues, please call toll-free 877-253-8964 24 hours a day. During regular business hours, please call the ATM Department at BankORION at 309-526-8011.