Small Business Administration

Contrary to popular belief, the SBA program is not just for start-ups. Its real strength and focus is assisting successful small businesses like yours to grow and expand. When you know the facts about SBA there are several business opportunities where using the SBA can make all the difference. 

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Loans for Working Capital

Cash is king, and without it, a business will struggle. Working Capital is cash used to pay salaries, office supplies, rent and other items needed to grow your business. Unfortunately, spending your cash does not provide a lender any recovery in the case of loan default. This can present a dilemma for lenders. Businesses need cash; however, lenders are uncomfortable with working capital loans. The SBA guarantee solves this dilemma.

Loans for Equipment

Most conventional equipment loans have a maturity of 5 years or less. Typically, the equipment you finance lasts longer than the conventional loan maturity. The shorter obligation can put a squeeze on a business' cash flow. Businesses need equipment loans with a maturity greater than 5 years. The SBA guarantee solves this dilemma.

Loans for Real Estate Purchases

Purchasing business real estate with a conventional loan requires a substantial down payment. Using your cash in this manner can hamper your ability to manage your daily business operations. This can leave you in undersized, outdated facilities. Businesses need the ability to borrow up to the full value of the real estate being purchased to preserve cash. The SBA guarantee solves this dilemma. 

Our SBA program is uniquely positioned to help you in each of small business' three most challenging areas. Talk to one of our lenders today about SBA lending options for your business' future.


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