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posted on Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Planning for retirement and coming up with appropriate financial strategies throughout different stages of your life is tricky. Starting early is usually the best strategy, but it is never too late to consider adding new elements to safeguard and increase your savings. According to the CDC, the average American will live beyond the age of 77, meaning you will need to plan for 10 years of retirement or more. And this is where InvestORION comes in.

Expectation of life by age: United States, 2020

Life Expectancy 2020


InvestORION is BankORION’s investment arm. We cover numerous topics within our main pillars of Personal Financial Strategies, Charitable Planning Strategies, and Retirement Planning.

InvestORION Chart of Retirement Topics

Our experienced LPL Investment Advisor Representative, Mark Robbins, will address common planning topics like…

  • Inflation: How do I generate a real guaranteed income?
  • Legacy: How do I best gift charities and loved ones?
  • Longevity: How many years do I have to cover and how much should I invest when?
  • Taxation: How do taxes impact my investments now and over time?
  • Volatility: How do I diversify and protect my investments?

As a Registered Representative of LPL Financial, member FINRA/SIPC and a licensed insurance agent, Mark has access to a wide variety of investment and insurance products. He has been helping individuals address their financial goals for the past 19 years.


Mark Robbins Investment Advisor“I'll help you make sound financial decisions consistent with your comfort level, investment timeline, and goals. Periodically we'll review your situation and make adjustments - as your life changes, so do your financial needs, and I'll be here for you at every stage of your life.”   

Mark A. Robbins

LPL Investment Advisor Representative

Licensed Insurance Agent


Learn more about Mark or schedule an appointment here. Please also don’t hesitate to reach out at 309.764.8811 ext 5523 or at

Retirement Planning Doesn’t End With Retirement

Your financial strategy extends beyond the official retirement date. While you may have saved and smartly invested to live comfortably, Mark will make sure you’re not spending too much money on ineffective Medicare Supplemental Insurance  - a product designed to fill gaps Medicare does not cover as the new primary health insurance coverage for retirement.

What you may not realize is that when it comes to Medicare Supplement plans, they are all alike.  They are standardized by the Federal Government.  For example, if you selected plan “F” when you were 65, the coverage offered by that plan is identical to every other “F” plan no matter what company offers it.  The only difference is the price you pay, so switching to a different plan with the same coverage may save $300 to $600 annually.” Mark points out.

InvestORION takes pride in excellent customer service and offering top rated companies with rock-bottom rates.  Give Mark a call at 309.764.8811 ext 5523 or email Mark at with any questions today.

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