Pay Someone

BankORION is now offering Person-to-Person Payments. What does this mean? You can use BankORION's online banking platform or mobile app to send money to just about anyone in real-time. Let's say you are at lunch with a friend and you forgot to get cash. With BankORION's Pay Someone feature, you'll be able to send your friend your share of lunch at the restaurant. No more IOUs or even late fees on rent. Use the Pay Someone feature and it's done right then and there. Here's how:

Pay Someone - How To Video

Steps to Pay Someone:

  1. Access the BankORION Mobile App or the BankORION Online Banking platform.
  2. From the BankORION Mobile App, click the "Move Money" icon.
  3. Click the Pay Someone option.
  4. Then fill in the email or cell number of the person you are sending money.
  5. Update the Memo, this is optional.
  6. Add in the amount you want to transfer.
  7. Select the funding account, your BankORION debit card.
  8. Review the terms of service, then click accept.
  9. Click Send.
  10. Congratulations! It's a success! You have just sent money to someone.